Echeta Okeke Bio

Hello! I'm one of the instructors at Digital Commerce Café and enjoy teaching via the Live Online learning platform.

Echeta Okeke Bio

I have a BS in Computer Science and over 20 years of IT experience spanning across multiple industries including Automotive, Pension, Financial, Loyalty Marketing and Social Housing. In addition to that I am a keen follower of E-Commerce trends and thrive on getting into the nuts and bolts of the latest platforms like Shopify or Woo Commerce (WordPress), and helping business owners better understand how to leverage them for further growth and sales.

Along with teaching I am also a lifelong learner and recently completed an MDiv (Master of Divinity) in Theological Studies, and also co-host a Liverpool FC related podcast: (shameless plug!).


Current Classes:

Going Digital: Setup your own E-Commerce store in one day using Shopify!