Live Online Learning vs On-Demand Learning - The Pros and Cons

Online Learning

COVID-19 has caused a huge spike in live online l earning. This new trend isn’t going away any time soon. Which is better, an on-demand course or a live online l earning course? We outline the basics below.


With these courses, students can access self-paced learning without a live instructor. Assignments, lessons and materials are available at any time.


  • Flexible for l earners who are busy
  • Self-paced


  • Minimal/ zero (0) live contact hours
  • Usually less personal and aren’t tailored to the individual student
On-demand courses can be great in the right context. If you’re looking for a course designed to help you specifically, you may find them disappointing.

Live Online Learning

Live online l earning courses are becoming an increasingly viable alternative to in-person classes. They offer a personal, direct style that on-demand options struggle to match.


  • Direct, live feedback from real tutors
  • A learning style that adapts to you
  • Schedule-driven learning


  • Less flexible
We offer a range of live online sales courses for business professionals. They're designed to equip l earners with the skill set required in 2020 and beyond.